Some images of our past & present exhibitions



ANZAC Billiard Tourament
From France to Freycinet
Halt who goes there!
Innovation & Inventions
Levings Lighthouses

Quaker exhibition

Travelling Nurses exhibition
Mitchell Family of Lisdillon

Terry Charlton's Wood Craft

Wedding Gowns
Houses & Estates of old Glamorgan

Farewell to Bertrand Cadart


Aboriginal Paper Bark Canoe
The Baudin Expedition
Convict Exhibition
Diorama of 'old' Swansea & buildings
Historic School Room
Louisa Anne Meredith

The Thylacine
World War I Exhibition

NEW EXHIBITION 25th April 2019

War Memorial Room - RAAF

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An old fashion Christmas

Objects from properties in the Glamorgan area