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Preserving the past for future generations and creating a valuable educational resource. 

To help teachers deliver lessons that resonate with students

we prepare school education resources that link our collections to the Australian Curriculum. The education resources include teaching/learning units, student worksheets, teaching kits, and teaching programs.


The linkages with curriculums are made through a curriculum mapping process. ​

  • How can stories of the past be told and shared?

  • How have changes in technology shaped our daily life?

  • Why did the great journeys of exploration occur?

  • What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community?

  • What is the significance of World War I and World War II?

  • Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?

  • What aspects of the past can we see today?  What do they tell us?

Cecilia Broderick 


East Coast Heritage Museum


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Phone: (03) 6256 5066​

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