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Images of current and past exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Dear Kate, the vision of the Mitchell women

Aboriginal paper bark canoe
First Nations artifacts

Baudin Expedition 
Convicts and the local probation station
Diorama of 'old' Swansea circa1860
Historic school room
Louisa Anne Meredith

Egg collection

Maritime history and whaling


Past Exhibitions

ANZAC billiard tourament
From France to Freycinet
Halt who goes there?
Innovation and inventions
Levings lighthouses

Quaker exhibition

Traveling nurses exhibition
Mitchell family of Lisdillon

Terry Charlton's WoodCraft

Wedding gowns
Houses & Estates of Old Glamorgan

The Amos Family

The Shaws from Ireland to Tasmania

Frederick Mackie - Quaker Plantsman
May Shaw and the Swansea Hospital

War Memorial

Military stories of residents who served overseas -  Army, Navy & Air Force

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