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The East Coast Heritage Museum is a facility provided by the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council.

East Coast Heritage Museum and War Memorial collects, exhibits, and preserves artifacts from the Glamorgan Spring Bay Municipality for the community, visitors, and future generations.

Our collection has over 4000 books, documents, photographs, and objects from pins to petticoats. Our collection is housed in a museum-standard facility using best-practice procedures.

Our collection is managed through Collections Mosaic Plus software and our database is available for visitors to search. 

Working closely with the Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society allows visitors to build a greater understanding of the history of our area.


Cecilia Broderick
Museum Manager

Our Policy

The museum collects objects relating to the municipality of Glamorgan Spring Bay by donation, purchase, or by bequest.

We loan items to and from other museums but do not accept items on long-term loan from the general public.

Our History

Built in 1860 by James Hurst as a school and teachers' residence. Our building is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

In 1924 the building was purchased by the community and became known as the Glamorgan War Memorial Institute.

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